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04.10.2023 GIGAIPC Product Catalog 2H 2023
20.03.2023 GIGAIPC Product Catalog 1H 2023
16.09.2022 GIGAIPC Product Catalog 2H 2022
17.01.2022 GIGAIPC Product Catalog 1H 2022
09.06.2021 GIGAIPC Product Catalog 1H 2021


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New Launch: Industrial M/B with AMD Ryzen™ V2000 processors

GIGAIPC, an embedded solution-focused subsidiary from GIGABYTE, newly launched AMD Ryzen™ V2000-based industrial motherboards aimed at... hier weiterlesen


New Launch: Embedded System with Intel® Elkhart Lake Platforms

GIGAIPC, an embedded solution-focused subsidiary from GIGABYTE, previously successfully launched industrial-grade of motherboards with... hier weiterlesen


New Launch: Industrial M/B with Intel® Elkhart Lake Platforms

GIGAIPC, an embedded solution-focused subsidiary from GIGABYTE, proudly presents various industrial-grade motherboards with Intel®... hier weiterlesen


Embedded Solutions For Vending Machine And ATM

GIGAIPC is gradually building multiple successful use cases with our prestigious partners in many country regions. In this... hier weiterlesen


More Comet Lake! More Options!

GIGAIPC has launched several products with 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ Processors in 2021. Now, GIGAIPC offers more options... hier weiterlesen


Logistics Automation to Industrial World

Industry 4.0 is a technical revolution to transform the whole manufacturing facilities into more automated and smarter operating systems... hier weiterlesen


Thin mini-ITX for Versatile Applications

GIGAIPC's thin mini-ITX industrial motherboard has become one of the best selling product among all the product lines. The selected... hier weiterlesen


Empower Retail Application with Tiger Lake Solutions

GIGAIPC presents a series of products, including digital signage systems, embedded boards and embedded systems that can be... hier weiterlesen


New Launch : GIGAIPC presents Edge AI System powered by NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ & Jetson Xavier™ NX Platforms

GIGAIPC presents its new product line of edge computing systems with NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ & Xavier™ NX SoM (System-on-Module) for... hier weiterlesen


New Launch : Embedded Solutions with Intel® Tiger Lake Core™ Family

GIGAIPC is launching series of board-level products based on Intel® 11th Gen. Core processors. These next generation processors... hier weiterlesen


New Launch : Industrial Micro-ATX with Intel® Comet Lake Core™ Processors

GIGAIPC is launching series of board-level products powered by Intel® 10th Gen. Core processors. These next generation... hier weiterlesen

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