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16.02.2023 Winmate Automotive Industry 2023
16.02.2023 Winmate Food & Hygienic Industrial 2023
16.02.2023 Winmate Healthcare 2023
16.02.2023 Winmate Infrastructure 2023
16.02.2023 Winmate Mission Critical: Marine/Defence 2023
16.02.2023 Winmate Public Safety 2023
16.02.2023 Winmate Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) 2023
16.02.2023 Winmate Transportation 2023
16.02.2023 Winmate Warehouse & Logistics 2023
04.03.2022 Winmate Automotive Industry 2022
04.03.2022 Winmate Healthcare 2022
04.03.2022 Winmate Infrastructure 2022
04.03.2022 Winmate Transportation 2022
04.03.2022 Winmate Warehouse and Logistics 2022
05.11.2021 Winmate Infrastruktur 2021
05.11.2021 Winmate Logistik und Transport 2021
19.10.2021 Winmate Automobilbranche 2021
01.09.2021 Winmate Gesundheitswesen 2021
05.02.2020 Winmate Mobile Solutions 2020

Application Knowledge


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11.02.2021 Winmate: Technology Fuels Expectation
08.02.2021 Winmate: Whatever you need to have to understand about sturdy laptop computer insurance claims
08.02.2020 Winmate: Smart Manufacturing with Rugged Tablet PCs

Case Studies

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21.02.2024 Winmate: Exceptional Application of Winmate AI Edge Computer in Robot Picking
31.01.2024 Winmate: Dynamic Duo for In-Vehicle Surveillance Excellence
18.01.2024 Winmate: The Heart of Intelligent Home Automation
10.01.2024 Winmate: PoE Chassis Display and IPC Box PC in an Automation Control System
29.11.2023 Winmate: Empowering Collaborative Robots in Industrial Automation
20.09.2023 Winmate: Elevating Agricultural Automation
06.09.2023 Winmate: Enhanced Security Surveillance with Winmate UAV GCS
29.08.2023 Winmate: Transforming Southeast Asian Rice Fields
23.08.2023 Winmate: Empowering Comprehensive Security Solutions
17.08.2023 Winmate: Driving Agricultural Innovation in South America
11.08.2023 Winmate: Revolutionizing Public Domain Inspections
21.07.2023 Winmate: North American Customer Enhances Security Efficiency with Winmate UAV GCS
02.06.2023 Winmate: Winmate Panel PC Revolutionizes Fluid Automated Optical Inspection in Semiconductor Factories
19.04.2023 Winmate: Winmate's Bar Type Display Elevates the Visual Experience
17.03.2023 Winmate: Service and Adaptability Make Winmate L140TG-4 the Right Choice for the German Police
10.01.2023 Winmate: Modernization of power distribution systems service with Winmate convertible laptop
09.01.2023 Winmate: Citizen Authorities Department Picks Winmate Laptops to changes 911 emergency situation feedback
22.11.2022 Winmate: HMI Touch Screen for Outdoor Fast Charge Station
08.11.2022 Winmate: Industrial Computing for Energy of Tomorrow
28.10.2022 Winmate: Service Tablets for Water Utility Maintenance and Management
26.10.2022 Winmate: HVAC Control with ARM Computer for Vertical Farming Solutions
12.08.2022 Winmate: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
25.01.2022 Winmate: Digital Operation Room
25.01.2022 Winmate: Intelligent Nurse Station
25.01.2022 Winmate: Patient Care
25.01.2022 Winmate: Städtische Müllabfuhr
24.01.2022 Winmate: Enhances Operations, Increase Public Safety
24.01.2022 Winmate: Machine Vision Inspection System
24.01.2022 Winmate: Reduce Cost and Streamlines Automotive Service Bay Efficiency With Rugged Laptop
21.01.2022 Winmate: Access critical information with 13.3'' Rugged Laptop whereever tasks brings you
21.01.2022 Winmate: Operating Room
19.01.2022 Winmate: Rugged and reliable laptop for the arduous work of public safety agencies


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Winmate Launches the 12.3″ G-WIN GS-Series Full IP65 PCAP Panel PC

Winmate, a global leader in industrial computer and tablet solutions, is excited to announce the launch of their latest product, the 12.3"... hier weiterlesen


Unleashing Efficiency in Industry 4.0 with Winmate’s Rugged Laptop Series

Winmate, a leading provider of rugged computing solutions, is proud to introduce the Rugged Laptop series, available in sizes 13.3", 14"... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Introduces ECDIS Marine Display for Enhanced Navigation and Safety at Sea

Winmate, a leading provider of innovative industrial computing solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Introduces New Intel® Elkhart Lake Marine HMI Panel PCs

Winmate, a leading provider of industrial display and Panel PC solutions, introduces their wide-viewing 12.3″ and 14.9” 1920 x 720 panel PC... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Launches L140AD-4, A Versatile 14" Rugged Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5-1235U

Winmate, a leading provider of rugged computing solutions, is proud to introduce the L140AD-4, a new design in their lineup of rugged... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Launches Power-Efficient HMI Touch Panel PC for Industrial Applications

Winmate introduces its latest HMI (Human Machine Interface) Touch Panel PC, featuring the Intel® Celeron® Elkhart Lake N6211 processor,... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Unveils Latest 15.6″ Rugged Laptop with Intel® Raptor Lake Processor

Winmate, a global leader in rugged computing solutions, proudly announces the launch of its newest innovation – the 15.6” Rugged Laptop... hier weiterlesen


Boosting Farming and Logistics Efficiency with the 12.3″ Panel PC

Winmate introduces their groundbreaking 12.3" 1920 x 720 panel PC with a projected capacitive multitouch screen. This advanced panel is... hier weiterlesen


Steer Clear and Stay Connected on the Road with Winmate Vehicle HMI

Winmate Inc., for nearly 30 years, has been manufacturing and developing advanced in vehicle HMI, the G-WIN VM series. Designed in an... hier weiterlesen


M Series Zone 2 Panel PC for Hazardous Area Applications

Winmate, a global leader in industrial computing solutions, is excited to introduce its latest innovation, the M Series Zone 2 Panel PC.... hier weiterlesen


Winmate has launched a UAV Ground Control Station (GCS) with advanced features

Winmate, a leading provider of rugged computing solutions, has unveiled its latest UAV Ground Control Station (GCS) with advanced features.... hier weiterlesen


Elevates Refinery Performance with Hazardous Area HMIs

Winmate is delighted to introduce their state-of-the-art Hazardous Area HMIs, meticulously designed to meet the exacting requirements of... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Unveils Customized 2-in-1 Rugged Laptop for Reliable Performance

Winmate Inc., a world-leading brand rugged convertible laptops and tablet PCs with nearly three decades of experience launched the new... hier weiterlesen


Seize the Skies with Winmate UAV Ground Control Station

Winmate Inc., a leading developer of rugged tablet and handheld computers, releases the brand new mobile control station for robotic,... hier weiterlesen


Bridging the Gap of Remote Monitoring with Winmate Fanless Box PC

Winmate Inc., a world-leading brand for industrial automation systems and computers, brings the new fanless box PCs equipped with a capture... hier weiterlesen


Unleash IoT Power and Speed with Winmate 6 LAN Edge Computer

Winmate Inc., a world-leading brand for industrial automation systems and computers, brings the 6 LAN edge computers powered by Intel... hier weiterlesen


Redefining Productivity with Winmate ATEX Zone 2 Tablets

Winmate Inc. has established a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable products that withstand challenging environmental... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Convertible Laptop Built Versatile for Efficient Car Tuning

Winmate Inc., a world-leading brand for rugged field service laptops and tablet PCs with almost three decades of experience designing and... hier weiterlesen


Outdoor Industrial Displays Monitors

Winmate Inc., a global leader in industrial solutions with more than 25 years of experience creating and delivering high-quality industrial... hier weiterlesen


Read Ocean of Data with Multi LAN Marine Embedded PC

Winmate Inc., a trusted supplier and manufacturer of marine-grade computers, offers the new multi-LAN port marine embedded PCs,... hier weiterlesen


Forward Compatibility with C1D2 / ATEX Zone 2 Grade Computer

Winmate's Class 1 Division 2, C1D2 / ATEX Zone 2 Grade Panel PCs (12.1", 15", 17", 19", 21.5", 23.8") and ITMH100-EX are designed to... hier weiterlesen


Increase Operational Capabilities Winmate 14 inch Rugged Vehicle Mount Computer

Winmate Inc., the provider and manufacturer of rugged industrial mobile computers, released the latest 14-inch rugged vehicle mount... hier weiterlesen


Serve Better with Field Service Laptops Powered by Intel Alder Lake Processor

Winmate is proud to unveil the L140AD and L156AD series rugged laptops powered by the latest 12th Generation Intel® Core™ processors Alder... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Expands Its Rugged Solutions of Tiger Lake Tablets for Field Work

Winmate Inc., the manufacturer of rugged tablets for field work, released two new rugged tablets, M101TG and M116TG, with Intel® 11th... hier weiterlesen


Winmate In-Vehicle Computer Built for the Cold and Deployment Environments

The Winmate vehicle mount computers product family reflects our extensive knowledge and commitment to serving the needs of supply chain... hier weiterlesen


Max 21kW Power Output with IoT-Based EV Charging Solution

Electric vehicle (EV) demand is accelerating due to increasing awareness of climate change and carbon emissions. Pushing the systems... hier weiterlesen


Revolutionize Workflow with Fanless Rugged Tablet

The newly launched Winmate S101EK fanless rugged tablet PC brings the power of Intel® Elkhart Lake processors to ruggedized mobile... hier weiterlesen


Improve Data Processing Power with Marine and Zone 2 Embedded Box PCs

Winmate Inc. is proud to unveil the ITMH100-EX and I330EAC-ITW, the highly-scalable fanless industrial computers. The box PCs are... hier weiterlesen


Prevent Corrosion and Contamination with Stainless Touch PC

Abundant hardware product development experience combined with innovative engineering capabilities allows Winmate to offer products with... hier weiterlesen


Revolutionize Workflow with Winmate Industrial Computer

With the requirement for IoT applications and fast network, data transfers to fulfill today's industrial needs, Winmate Inc., a leading... hier weiterlesen


Optimize Hygienic Operation with Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

As an innovative industrial computer provider, Winmate offers rugged tablets, industrial display systems, and touch panels that are... hier weiterlesen


How Marine Computers Solutions Fit Every Corner of Smart Ship

In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT, ships are expected to be safe, reliable, and efficient with connected control and... hier weiterlesen


Extended Product Lifecycle with Modular Design C1D2 Panel PCs

Winmate's Class 1 Division 2, C1D2 Panel PCs are designed to operate safely and reliably in rough and dangerous environments like chemical... hier weiterlesen


Why Not All Outdoor Computers Suitable for Smart Charging Stations

With countries worldwide introducing mandates to cut the number of diesel and petrol cars, drivers are looking towards the future dominant... hier weiterlesen


32 inch Industrial Touchscreen for the Challenging Environment

Winmate, a premium rugged computing and embedded solutions provider for industries operating in the most challenging environments, offers... hier weiterlesen


PoE Industrial Panel PC for Access Control

Winmate expands its S-Series PoE industrial panel PC lineup with the Android ARM A53 processors. It offers a cost-efficient, faster, better... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Healthcare Computers are Ready for Post Pandemic Healthcare

Winmate offers a range of healthcare computers to enhance the standard of care in all medical facilities. Our healthcare tablet PCs and... hier weiterlesen


Can a Big Rugged Mobile Computer Still Portable?

Today's manufacturing businesses are typically made up of machines, robots, computers, and humans that all work together to generate a... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Industrial Rugged Computer Makes Car Diagnosis Work More Efficiently

The continuous failure of the customer-grade computers for vehicle maintenance pushes technology dealers to look for more durable and... hier weiterlesen


Safe Facility Management with Industrial Android Tablet

The new S101M9 series industrial Android tablet is robust with an easy-to-carry design, a comfortable touchscreen, and enough power to... hier weiterlesen


Increase Productivity and Preserve Experts Legacy with Rugged Android PDA

Mobile working environments and mobile device requirements for the chemical, energy, oil, and gas industries are becoming increasingly... hier weiterlesen


What Defines a True Ruggedness

Laptops used by everyday consumers rest in relatively benign environments, indoors, at room temperature, and rarely exposed to harsh... hier weiterlesen


How to Choose the Best Rugged Laptop for Tough Jobs

Do you use your laptop in a wet and dusty place or even work outdoor in the field? It would be best if you had a rugged laptop. Let us... hier weiterlesen


Robust Vehicle Mounted Computers Survive Under Unfavorable Operating Temperature

Winmate, a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, announced a new VMC model: FM12Q. The 12.1" VMC comes with PCAP touch, Android... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Healthcare Android Tablet PC M101Q8-ME with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660

Digital transformation was underway in precision medication before 2022, as the innovations that derive telemedicine have progressed... hier weiterlesen


Upgrade to a Rugged, Reliable Winmate Laptop

Tailor-made for the time-oriented and challenging industries, Winmate Convertible Rugged Laptop has passed the most rigorous exams and... hier weiterlesen


Winmate Presents the World's First 14" Convertible Rugged Laptop L140TG-4

Winmate, a rugged computing industry leader, announced its new L140TG Rugged Laptop powered with Intel® Core™ Tiger Lake and Windows 10 IoT... hier weiterlesen


Generate More Value Where Speed Matters With S101TG Rugged Tablet

Winmate S101TG Rugged Tablet PC is specially created for futuristic industrialization. Powered by the powerful Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4 Tiger... hier weiterlesen


Fighting COVID-19 with Winmate M101P-ME Healthcare Tablet

The recent outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 shows that not all the healthcare facilities are ready for such a massive pandemic. In the... hier weiterlesen


Winmate 15.6-inch Healthcare Multi-touch Display for Diagnosis and Clinical Review

Winmate offers 15.6-inch Healthcare Display W15L100-PTA3-ME designed for diagnosis and clinical review. Featuring a resolution of 1920 x... hier weiterlesen


High Resolution Imaging with Winmate's Healthcare Display Series

The adequate and repeatable performance of the image display system is a key element of information technology platforms in a modern... hier weiterlesen

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